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Barging in France is the ultimate avenue for traveling through the French waterways in luxury. These magnificent, often indulgent vessels meander through the small canals of the most famed and picturesque regions of France. Experience the small, charming villages that line the French waterways like no river-cruising vessel can. Barging in France is not just a measure of comfort and opulence, rather it is an intimate way to genuinly feel how magical and enchanting the scenery, cuisine and most importantly the people of France are.

France Country Tour's parent website, has been an industry leader for barging in France since 2001.  We maintain the largest selection of quality barges in the most scenic regions of France, and the highest level of customer service. The France Cruises team is intimately familiar with the stunning canals and small rivers in France, as well as the barges which traverse them.

When it comes to your vacation, France Cruises is highly selective. We bring our travelers the best options based on our own experience or feedback we receive from our customers. Our recommendations are unbiased and based on first-hand knowledge, providing you with key insider information that helps make your travels easy, enjoyable and stress-free.

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